GLAS Grey Partridge – Trache 2 Announced

29 Oct

The Department of Agriculture have just launched TRANCHE 2 of the new GLAS Agri-environmental scheme for the grey partridge.

This latest version makes it easier for farmers and or land-owners to sign-up for the scheme.

For further information, go to the links below.

Or email the Trust


(The above documents are hosted by the Department of Agriculture)

Areas eligible for entry into GLAS Grey Partridge Measure

10 Mar

Any farmers (Grassland, Cereal, etc.), located within the areas outlined in red are eligible for TIER 1 (Priority Entrants) in  the new GLAS grey partridge measure.

Boora, Co. Offaly


Download the PDF file .


North County Dublin

Download the PDF file .

The PDF’s will display if you use Google Chrome or if you have a PDF plug-in installed on your browser. If not you can download the files to view them.

GLAS – Grey Partridge Presentation

6 Mar

For agri-enviromental advisors/planners and farmers interested in entering the new grey partridge measure. The recently announced DAFM GLAS, (go to this link), where details of the grey partridge measure are outlined in a power point presentation.

Our you can view it below.

If you can’t see the Presentation, you can download it from here