GLAS Grey Partridge to open again in mid-October

The Department of Agriculture have confirmed that the third phase of GLAS will open in mid-October with the expectation that more than 50,000 farmers would be in the deptargilogoscheme from January 1st next.

This will be the last opportunity for farmers and landowners to avail of the grey partridge measure in the forthcoming GLAS Tranche 3. Farmers and landowners who adopt the grey partridge measure will be guaranteed entry into TIER 1.

This measure is straight forward to establish, fits into the existing farm management and guarantees a steady income over the duration of the GLAS.

Farmers can claim up to €7,000 per year. So it also pays very well to implement.

108 Farmers’ Sign Up For GLAS Grey Partridge Tranche 2

108 farmers’ sign up for GLAS grey partridge Tranche 2 – an economic boost for the farmers and an ecological Boon for other farmland birds.

The latest figures from the Department of Agriculture indicate that 108 farmers have committed to undertake action for the grey partridge on approximately 181 parcels of land. What does this mean – 100,000 m (100km) or 61.3 miles of a 12 meter wide linear edge, containing nesting and brood-rearing and over-winter habitats for the grey partridge will be delivered. This is a significant achievement.

Photo Malcolm Brockless G&WCT
Photo Malcolm Brockless G&WCT

The Trust would like to acknowledge the input and support of the Department of Agriculture Food & Marine, the National Parks & Wildlife Service, Bird Watch Ireland & Michael Marytn. It’s worth remembering that a farmer who enters the grey partridge GLAS scheme can get his/her full €7,000 per year if they commit to and undertake sufficient lengths of Grey Partridge margin.

Tranche 3 of GLAS will be an opportunity to avail of the grey partridge measure

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Demonstration of GLAS Grey Partridge

To see what it looks like – a demonstration of the GLAS grey partridge measure is on display at the NPWS grey partridge conservation project in Boora, Co. Offaly.

Photo: Michael Marytn
Photo: Michael Marytn


GLAS Grey Partridge – Trache 2 Announced

The Department of Agriculture have just launched TRANCHE 2 of the new GLAS Agri-environmental scheme for the grey partridge.

This latest version makes it easier for farmers and or land-owners to sign-up for the scheme.

For further information, go to the links below.

Or email the Trust


(The above documents are hosted by the Department of Agriculture)

Information evening Grey Partridge measure in North Co. Dublin.

Fingal County Council, the Grey Partridge Trust and the IFA wish to invite farmers in the Rolestown, Ballyboughal and Oldtown area in north Co. dublin to a Grey Partridge public information evening on Thursday 19th March at 19.30 in the Kettles Country House Hotel. GLAS advisor Michael Martyn and Kieran Buckley of the Irish Conservation Grey Partridge Trust will present more details on the Grey Partridge measure:

GLAS – Grey Partridge Presentation

For agri-enviromental advisors/planners and farmers interested in entering the new grey partridge measure. The recently announced DAFM GLAS, (go to this link), where details of the grey partridge measure are outlined in a power point presentation.

Our you can view it below.

If you can’t see the Presentation, you can download it from here