One of the core objectives of the Trust is to combine scientific research with application on the ground in terms of shaping management practices. This means working with projects on the ground to ensure that this science is put into action and does not simply become a purely academic exercise. Management needs to be driven by knowledge and not by hear say or instinct.

The Trust has worked with and is working with many projects at local and national level for the benefit, not only of Wild Game ,but also with put and take release schemes run by gun clubs and individuals for the ordinary shooting person.lads_in_boleybrack__2_ These projects have involved all the major game birds both wild and released i.e. Red Grouse, Grey Partridge, Red Leg Partridge, Pheasant, Woodcock and snipe.
We have many years experience in managing both Wild and Released Game, Habitat management and predator control.

We would be only too happy to answer questions or queries relating to game management. Feel free to contact us on if you would like some information or help on any matter relating to Game management.