Any club or individual wishing to establish a population of wild grey partridge in their area should read this booklet carefully. It sets out the scientifically proven way to establish & sustain a population of wild grey partridges.

Remember: successful wild grey partridge projects are not measured by the number of birds released – they can only be measured by the number of wild grey partridge that survive over-winter, pair off in early spring and rear their young in the wild to form family coveys in the Autumn.

And for that to happen the underlying causes of a local extinction must be addressed in the very first instance: suitable grass nesting habitat, brood-rearing habitats & over-winter cover should be established in sufficient quantities before, during and after wild partridges are released. Otherwise what caused the extinction of wild grey partridge in your area, will cause the extinction of the wild grey partridge you released. The scientific evidence is un-equivocal: wild partridge will not survive unless the proper management measures, which also includes predator management are in place and sustained throughout the year.