Red Fox, Mink, Stoats, Hedgehogs, and Rats are all predators of game birds. Stoats and Hedgehogs are protected under the 1976/2000 Wildlife Acts, however, if it can be proven that they are causing significant damage to game birds, a license may be granted for they’re control. In most cases predation on game birds by these protected mammals, is minimal.

Fox Control

To benefit wild game, effective fox control should always be a matter of timing. Control should beFox2 carried out when game birds they are at their most vulnerable, i.e. spring and summer months. Lamping is the most effective method of Fox control.

Mink and Rats

Tunnel traps have been used for centuries to control ground predators.

The Achilles heel of all ground predators is their natural curiosity. Many gimmicky and more expensive traps are available on the market; some dealers who sell these gimmicky traps make assertions that have no basis in fact.

Tunnel traps are a simple but effective method of controlling small ground predators they can be constructed from any material. Placing them in areas where ground predators frequent, tunnel traps placed in areas such as drain and hedge junctions, these areas are very effective. Fenn mark 6 for Mink and mark 4 for Rats are the correct sizes for each species