Red Grouse Conference a great success

More than 150 delegates attended the Trust’s conference on Irish Red Grouse which was held in Tullamore on Saturday 16th. Delegates were drawn from a wide variety of fields.

The Trust were pleased to see the National Parks and Wildlife Service and BirdWatch Ireland were well represented at the conference. Speakers from UK, Sweden, Bahrain and Ireland presented their latest research findings on Irish Red Grouse to the delegates present.


Irish Red Grouse Conference – Time for Action

The Trust will host an important conference tomorrow Saturday 16th October in The Tullamore Court Hotel, Tullamore Co.Offaly to discuss the future for Ireland’s Red Grouse.

National and International speakers will address the conference to discuss the way forward for the conservation of native red grouse. The conference kicks off at 10:30am

Lapwing counts down from 2009

Signs of Avian Predation has affected Lapwing Productivity.

Early counts conducted in Boora in 2010 have suggested that there has been a fall off in Lapwing breeding productivity.

Following last years successes there are indications that the high level of Buzzard hunting activity maybe having a detrimental effect on breeding numbers this year.

Evidence would suggest that hunting activity by the buzzards is causing the lapwing to abandon breeding attempts

Minister for the Environment pays a visit to the Boora Project

John Gormley TD, Minister for the Environment paid a welcome visit to the National Grey Partridge Conservation Project in Boora, County Offaly on Friday last, 9th July. He was greeted by officials of the National Parks and Wildlife Service and members of the National Grey Partridge Conservation Project Limited. In a visit that lasted approximately 2 hours the Minister was given an overview of the project and also was brought on a tour of the project area. The project area totals 644 acres which was purchased by the State in 2005 for the conservation of native grey partridge.