Vacancy for Ecological Advisor

August 30, 2020 0 Comment

The Irish Grey Partridge Conservation Trust is one of a number of stake-holders of the Irish breeding Curlew Operational Group. This Operational Group successfully applied for an innovative project to stem the decline of the Curlew in Ireland in 2 specific areas, Lough Corrib in County Galway, and the south Leitrim bogs area. The project is funded by the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine’s, European Innovation Partnership (EIP) fund. It is trialing new and innovative programmes to improve net breeding outcomes in these areas, including mechanisms for the effective management of predation risk, capital works to improve habitats; and a results-based measure for breeding Curlew.

The Breeding Curlew Operation Group are now recruiting an Ecological Advisor for the conservation of breeding Curlew South Leitrim. The details of this post can be accessed on this link