Trust Lapwing chick survival study reveals some interesting results

April 26, 2016 0 Comment
  • Lapwing Chick Hiding
    Lapwing Chick Hiding

    Large numbers of hatched chicks do not necessarily equate to a large number of fledged young

  • During this study the breeding productivity of lapwings in Boora was sufficient to offset chick mortality and annual adult mortality and hence to grow the population
  • The level of predator control effort required to achieve the desired conservation outcome may vary according to the habitats locally and the dynamics of predator populations at the site level.
  • Over the two-years of this study, 122 broods of lapwing chicks were recorded in the areas managed for the conservation of the grey partridge.
  • The breeding productivity of lapwings at NPWS lands at Boora may be acting as an important source for seeding other breeding lapwing sites in Ireland.

This study was made possible by the generous support of :

Dublin Zoo, Fota Wildlife Park, National Parks & Wildlife Service & Perdix Wildlife Solutions