Lapwing Radio Tracking Study – Update

June 8, 2015 0 Comment

  Exciting times for the lapwing radio tracking project at Irish Grey Partridge Conservation Trust! So far we have radio tagged 13 lapwing chicks! Hopefully more to come as new […]

2015 spring pair count of grey partridge shows an increase from 2014

April 2, 2015 0 Comment

This is welcome news – fingers crossed, we’re all hoping for a good breeding season for Irelands wild grey partridge

First lapwing nest with 4 eggs found in the grey partridge conservation project area

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Today, the first clutch of lapwing eggs in 2015 has been found in Boora. The nest was found in the Marl Square – an area favoured by breeding lapwings, which are a species […]

Information evening Grey Partridge measure in North Co. Dublin.

March 15, 2015 0 Comment

Fingal County Council, the Grey Partridge Trust and the IFA wish to invite farmers in the Rolestown, Ballyboughal and Oldtown area in north Co. dublin to a Grey Partridge public […]

Lapwing chick survival study to continue in 2015

March 10, 2015 0 Comment

The Trust will continue its radio tracking study to look at the causes of mortality among lapwing chicks. 88 nests with eggs and 40 broods of chicks were recorded in […]

Areas eligible for entry into GLAS Grey Partridge Measure

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Any farmers (Grassland, Cereal, etc.), located within the areas outlined in red are eligible for TIER 1 (Priority Entrants) in  the new GLAS grey partridge measure. Boora, Co. Offaly   […]

GLAS – Grey Partridge Presentation

March 6, 2015 0 Comment

For agri-enviromental advisors/planners and farmers interested in entering the new grey partridge measure. The recently announced DAFM GLAS, (go to this link), where details of the grey partridge measure are outlined in a power point presentation. Our […]

Irish Times – 28 Feb 2015 – Grey partridge conservation takes flight in Co Dublin

March 1, 2015 0 Comment

Irish Times Article on Saturday 28 of February 2015. The courtship song of the grey partridge is rather harsh, to human ears at least. But its kierr-ik dialogue used to […]

M.Sc Students in Wildlife Management from UCD, visit Boora

February 10, 2015 0 Comment

M.Sc Students in Wildlife Management from University College Dublin, visit Boora where the adaptive management strategies are used by the Irish Grey Partridge Conservation Trust and the National Parks & […]

Conservation Volunteers Galway visit Boora

January 10, 2015 0 Comment

Post by Conservation Volunteers Galway.