Grey Partridge Enthusiast is Wildlife Farmer of the Year

Mr. David Sandford from County Down received the major Agriculture award at an event in Northern Ireland. David has worked with the support of the Trust, the National Parks & Wildlife Service, Department of Arts Heritage & Gaeltacht and the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust UK. Wildlife Farmer of the Year award is sponsored by RSPB received the highest number of entries of all the categories.
David Sandford

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GLAS Grey Partridge – Trache 2 Announced

The Department of Agriculture have just launched TRANCHE 2 of the new GLAS Agri-environmental scheme for the grey partridge.

This latest version makes it easier for farmers and or land-owners to sign-up for the scheme.

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(The above documents are hosted by the Department of Agriculture)

Lapwing chicks from 34 separate broods have been fitted with radio-tags

Lapwing chick fitted with a 0.4grm radio tag
Lapwing chick fitted with a 0.4grm radio tag

Research carried out by the Trust is gathering data on Lapwing chick survival and the causes of mortality. Interestingly this research is been carried out on NPWS lands not managed for breeding lapwing.

They’ve “jockeyed on the back” of management strategies rolled out for the conservation of wild grey partridge! Some very useful data is emerging. We will continue to follow the fortunes of the chicks until they fledge and we run out of radio tags; which by the look of things will happen soon!

Lapwing chick 2  fitted with a 0.4grm radio tag
Lapwing chick 2 fitted with a 0.4grm radio tag

Our research is funded by Dublin Zoo, Fota Wildlife Park, and the NPWS. We would like to thank volunteers who have helped our researcher Kristina with the radio tracking.